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  • We want to get you healthy, and keep you healthy!

    I look beyond your symptoms to discover the root of your discomfort, & believe that the body has the ability to heal itself.

    There are the recommended resources and drug free remedies my patients can use at home for a variety of ailments.

    These include:

    • Alternating Hot/Cold Compress
    • Contrast Hyrotherapy
    • Castor Oil Pack
    • Dr. Karack’s Oil Therapy Treatment
    • Ear Massage: Otitus Media
    • Epsom Salt Bath: Detoxification and Relaxation
    • Far Infra-red Sauna
    • Fungus Infections of Feet
    • Ginger Soup – An Immune System Booster
    • Home Vinegar Pack: Mucous and Phlegm
    • Hot Salt Pack: Earache
    • Hydrotherapy: Throat Remedy
    • Magnesium Pack: Joint and Stiffness Remedy
    • Mustard Plaster
    • Onion Poultice: Bronchitis
    • Sinus Remedy
    • Techniques to Assist Detoxification
    • Warming Socks Treatment

    You can find the entire list here: Home Remedies Section