• Nutritional therapies

  • Good Nutrition is the Foundation For Everything Else

    All too often, many people tend to ignore their health, until something goes wrong. If we are experiencing symptoms of illness, sometimes the road back to health and optimal wellness is a challenge.

    For this reason, it is important to focus on proper nutrition, eating the right foods and making good lifestyle choices to give us the best possible chance of avoiding disease.

    Our health care system is overwhelmed treating chronic conditions, many of which could be avoided with proper nutrition. If you are looking for a healthy mind and body, you need to start looking at what you are eating. Proper nutrition is the cornerstone to the prevention of many illnesses, and is being looked at as a key component to combating ill-health.

    Optimal health requires the availability of nutrients to protect, regulate and restore body functions whenever required.

    A good diet must include:

    • Good quality whole organic foods
    • A good variety
    • The right quantity of food

    Your body actually has a built in sense of what it requires, so listen to your body.

    Steps to a Healthy Diet

    • Drink Plenty of Fresh Water
    • Build around 2 Protein Meals
    • Eat Lots of Neutral Vegetables
    • Eat Carbohydrates earlier in the Day
    • Get Essential Oils twice a day
    • Use Supplement Enzymes, Vitamins & Minerals to Ensure All Nutrients are Available

    Watch This Presentation

    In this presentation, I talk about how to evaluate your own diet, and give tips and steps to eat healthier.


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