• Meet The Team

  • Dr. Timothy Brown, ND

  • Janet, Office Manager

    I was happy to join Ocean Park Natural Therapies 13 years ago, following an interest in natural health care. It has been a joy to see people achieve long lasting results to their health concerns and to understand how the body can heal itself when it is given what it needs to do so. I live in the friendly community of Ocean Park and enjoy my short commute to work.

  • Linda, Medical Assistant

    Working with patients is one of the things I love. Ocean Park Naturopathic Clinic is a very exciting environment to work at. It is interesting to try to learn and discover the more layers of health care with the Integrated Medicine approach of the clinic. Dr. Timothy Brown is a brilliant Naturopathic Doctor who knows exactly what he is doing.

  • Janise O’Leandros, CNFB

  • Robert Davie, CNFB, NLP Practitioner