• Detoxification therapies

  • Detoxification Has Become One of the Cornerstones of Alternative Medicine

    Detoxification is a very beneficial therapy for the prevention of illness and an aid to increasing your overall health and vitality. In today’s world, more people are becoming aware of and suffering the effects of environmental pollution, making detox a prominent part of their treatment plan.

    Detoxification is now one of the more widely used treatments in alternative medicine for good reason. It is based on the principle that illnesses can be caused by the accumulation of toxic substances (toxins) in the body. Therefore, it is extremely important to eliminate toxins that are existing as well as identify where toxins are coming from, and avoiding them.

    Toxins have short term and long term affects on the body.  They can accumulate for years, and you may end up having problems finding a diagnosis to your symptoms. Detoxification is also known as “body cleansing” where the treatment plan looks at all aspects of your health, and aims to rid the body of these toxins.

    Some of the detox recommendations may include:

    • diet changes
    • fasting
    • consuming exclusively or avoiding specific foods
    • colon cleansing
    • chelation therapy
    • the removal of dental fillings
    • and more

    Why Do You Need to Detox?

    Detoxification is helpful for those patients suffering from many chronic diseases and conditions, including:

    • allergies
    • anxiety
    • arthritis
    • asthma
    • chronic infections depression
    • diabetes
    • headaches
    • heart disease
    • high cholesterol
    • low blood sugar levels
    • digestive disorders
    • mental illness
    • obesity

    It is also beneficial to those suffering from:

    • cancer
    • exposure to toxic materials
    • immune system problems
    • chemical sensitivity
    • conditions hard to diagnose or treat
    • food intolerance

    Testing for Toxic Substances

    There are a number of treatment modalities that are used as well as a variety of tests that can be done to determine the causes that contribute to the toxic condition. Tests may include blood, urine sample, stool sample, hair analyses, as well as allergy tests. There are a number of factors we will discuss with you to determine how your body is functioning and what can be done to help.

    Detoxification Therapy

    Specific treatments are used to stimulate and assist the body’s own detoxification process. Almost always, the diet is carefully looked at and change is immediately enacted, to eliminate allergic and unhealthy foods. There are certain foods we will recommend that assist detoxification and support your bodies healing.

    Foods We Like:

    1. high in fiber
    2. vegetarian with a raw food emphasis.

    Food We Avoid:

    1. Any processed or boxed foods
    2. alcohol
    3. caffeine

    Nutritional supplements may be recommended such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. We also have supplements to assist in eliminating heavy metals. Many herbal supplements may also be recommended.

    Treatments could include:

    • Detoxification diet
    • Herbal remedies
    • Chinese medicine
    • Chelation therapy
    • Vitamins and nutrients

    No matter what health concerns you may be having, we have many years of experience with detoxification therapies that are highly successful. After testing and assessment, we will recommend a treatment plan based on your specific needs.  Call us for an assessment, and start on the path to feeling great again.

    The document below is an overview of what I test for in clinic: