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    Do you have allergies? Is your health worse during allergy season? If you haven’t considered the connection between allergies and your immune system, then you could be needlessly suffering. Allergies are the most common reason why people seek medical attention. Have you or someone in your family ever made a medical appointment in an attempt to find relief for allergy symptoms?

    If you want to know more about how allergies affect your health, then invest 20 minutes for this episode of Natural Therapies, where host Eva Marienchild interviews Dr. Tim Brown, owner of Ocean Park Natural Therapies, about the connection between the two. Some people brush off allergies. CBC Radio News* warns against this, as it’s easier to treat one allergy now than later when it gets worse. This interview is a chance to learn some health reasons for treating allergies sooner than later.

    What Allergies Are and Who They Affect

    This episode kicks off with an overview of what allergies are. Dr. Brown also takes time to explain the process that triggers an allergic reaction within the human body. Next he goes on to discuss who suffers from allergy symptoms. You may be surprised to learn differences between an ordinary instance of your eye watering, and a true allergic reaction. If you haven’t thought about discussing your allergies with a natural medicine doctor on the Semiahmoo Peninsula, then you could be depriving yourself of a stronger immune system.

    Understanding How Allergies Affect Human Health

    Then Dr. Brown talks about allergies and their effects on human health. During the podcast he answers these and other questions.

    • How do allergies affect my immune system?
    • What are symptoms of an allergic reaction?
    • What is the cause for my allergy symptoms?
    • How do I know for sure if I have allergies?

    Now ask yourself these two questions: Do experience allergy symptoms? Have you put off natural medicine treatments for allergies? If you answered “Yes” to either or both, then it’s time to consult with a natural medicine practitioner to learn how they can help.

    Diagnosing and Treating Allergies and Their Symptoms

    After a short break, Dr. Brown explains the wide range of detection methods that a natural medicine practitioner uses to diagnose allergies and asses how much they affect your health. Allergies are the cause for so many health problems. All too often we treat the symptoms of allergies without ever checking to know if they are behind what ails us. Fortunately there is a broad variety of treatment methods to help provide relief. During the podcast Dr. Brown explains more about the ones used in his natural medicine practice. The episode wraps up with Dr. Brown revealing who is most at risk for allergies, and other final thoughts on the topic.

    Are You Ready to Learn if You Suffer from Allergies?

    Do you want to know more about allergies? Are you curious if they’re behind your health problems? Listen to the entire interview now. If you have questions or your own allergy-related stories, share them below where we can discuss them with you. The naturopathic doctors at Ocean Park Natural Therapies make patients their top priority, and for 25 years have helped locals from all over the Semiahmoo Peninsula including Metro Vancouver, White Rock, South Surrey, and beyond. What health problem could they help you solve today?

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