• Pain, Injury and Trauma – What We Have Learned | Natural Therapies #006

    July 29, 2014 | Podcasts | oceanparkadmin
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    Have you ever suffered a traumatic injury? Do you know what we have learned about pain from natural medicine? If you aren’t aware of how pain, injury and trauma affects your body, then you will have more trouble understanding how it is treated. Pain leaves an imprint on the human body. Would you like to know more about the lasting effects of traumatic injuries and other types of pain on your body? If you’re interested in learning more about pain, injury and trauma, then you’ll want to invest 20 minutes to listen to this edition of Natural Therapies where your host Eva Marienchild interviews Dr. Tim Brown, owner of Ocean Park Natural Therapies about what we know about how these things affect our bodies.

    What You Need to Know about Pain, Injury and Trauma

    The episode kicks off with Dr. Brown offering a biological explanation about pain and traumatic injury in regards to cells and hormones. Next Dr. Brown and Eva discuss how these types of pain affect humans at different ages, such as young children and teenagers, as opposed to how they affect adult humans. If you’re not aware of how your body reactions to pain, or a lack of pain, to help you make decisions then it could lead to you making some decisions that are not good for your health.

    How Pain and Trauma Affect the Long-Term Survival Memory System

    Then Dr. Brown zeroes in on the long-term survival memory system, and how it is affected when a person experiences a trauma or pain. During the podcast he also discusses answers to these and other questions:

    • How does the human reaction compare to other species, like reptiles?
    • Is it just my physical pain that affects my long-term survival memory system?
    • What can I do to promote healthy responses to pain and traumatic injuries?

    Now ask yourself two questions: Do you know how different types of pain affect your body? Do you understand how your body heals after experiencing pain? Have you ever had to have physiotherapy? If you answered “No” to either or both of these questions, then it’s time to seek answers from a natural medicine practitioner.

    When Something Interferes with the Healing Process

    Next Dr. Brown talks to Eva about what happens when something interferes with our bodies’ attempts to heal from pain or a traumatic injury and the scars that are left behind. Dr. Brown not only details physical scarring, but also the emotional scarring that can form as a response to some type of extreme pain if the healing process is interrupted. There are so many things that could cause your body to improperly heal from a painful event. Are you aware of a natural medical practitioner on the Semiahmoo Peninsula who can help you recover from the scarring? The episode wraps up with Dr. Brown sharing some final thoughts about the effects of trauma and pain on the human body, and where you can find help in the South Surrey and White Rock areas.

    Are You Ready to Recover from a Pain or Trauma?

    Are you interested in knowing what natural medicines are available to you in White Rock or Surrey to help with pain relief? Listen to the entire podcast now. Then share your questions and comments below, where we can discuss them together. The naturopathic doctors at Ocean Park Natural Therapies make patients their top priority, and for 25 years have helped locals from all over the Semiahmoo Peninsula including Metro Vancouver, White Rock, South Surrey, and beyond. What health problem could they help you solve today?

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