Regeneration Injection Therapies

Regeneration Injection Therapies

All tissues – especially injured or aging tissues need additional help to be able to regenerate, repair, and maintain essential normal healthy function. The body’s normal injury repair cycle is fairly well understood- except when it comes to certain types of injuries. How to restore/regenerate function of nerve, ligament, joint, and cartilage issues have not been well understood – until fairly recent developments in technology and information have spread the concepts. The following primer is designed to help you understand current methods involving injection methods that have proven to help regeneration and restoration of function in these types of injuries/tissues.

Specialized training and licensing certifications are required to administer these types of therapies in British Columbia.

Perineural Injection Therapy(PIT) and Basic Neural Therapy (NT)

The peripheral nerves traverse thru channels in bone, fascia, and muscles to supply sensory innervation and also to repair properties in skin, muscles, joints, and bone.

Neural therapy (NT) involves the use of minimally invasive injections of mild local anesthesia (procaine) to restore nerve function and cellular communication to nerves injured from traction, compression, or toxicity states. Neural therapy was pioneered by the German Huneke brothers in the mid-20th Century and was initially used for scar therapy injections. Sites were termed interference fields – because they caused interference of normal communication and regulation within the nervous system. Over the years interference fields have been found other than at scars – in deeper sites such as autonomic ganglia (nerve hubs), teeth, bone injury sites, and brain ganglia. This has resulted in development of a whole region of medical treatment applications in Europe, South America, North America, and Asia – that has practical and scientific roots that foster its growth and spread.

Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT) involves the diagnosis and application of minimally invasive injections of 5% dextrose or mannitol to reset and regenerate peripherally injured nerves that cause neuropathic (injured nerve generated) pain.

Training at post-graduate workshops involves understanding the various nerve pathways that traverse from the joints and spinal region through the fascial layers and along to the skin and peripheral tissues is a major part to the study of PIT.

The use of minimally invasive injections with 1/2″ needles and dextrose/mannitol results in almost instant changes of sensation and function when properly applied. This indicates proper location of pain generating areas/sources of nerve pain. The process similar to neural therapy usually needs repeating at regular intervals for complete healing to occur.

This novel form of treatment of neuropathic pain has been researched and revived by Dr. John Lyftogt, MD of New Zealand – and further information can be followed on his website –

Dr. Brown has taken advanced courses of training in Peripheral Injection Therapy with Dr. Lyftogt, MD


Prolotherapy is an injection technique using a base solution called P2G consisting of 1% procaine, 15-25% solution of dextrose, glucose, and 1%phenol – to restore, regenerate, and normalize ligament and tendon – bone periosteal injuries. Joint sprains, subluxations, and dislocations all involve stretching and tearing of ligaments, tendons, or joint capsule structures that are attached to bone elements. Xrays can determine bone injury but the soft tissue components are better visualized with MRI  and preferably in stressed positions to show disruption of normal integrity and holding/stabilizing function of the joint, ligament, tendon complex. Prolotherapy was developed by American physicians in the mid-20th Century and has been proven to improve ligament and joint integrity through proliferation of normal fibroblast tissue that make up your ligament, tendons, and joint complexes. For detailed information on research studies regarding prolotherapy see Dr.

Dr. Brown has taken basic and advanced training in all forms of prolotherapy.


Prolozone is the injection of prolotherapy solution along with a mixture of minerals, B-vitamins, and various homeopathic solutions then coupled with injection of ozone (activated oxygen) into injured joints and tissues. This is designed to enhance stimulation of repair and regeneration locally by up-regulating energy and mitochondrial function in the involved tissues – by supplying needed materials for increased metabolism and repair. This would be particularly useful for individuals in compromised nutritional states – such as the elderly, chronically injured, or those with systemic conditions such as diabetes etc.

Prolozone was developed and forwarded by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD or Reno Nevada. Dr. Dennis Harper, DC of Orofino, Idaho has taken the original work of Dr. Shallenberger and developed the Harper Restoration System of protocols to advance and enhance upon the results of Prolozone techniques.

Dr. Brown has taken advanced training from both Dr. Shallenberger and Dr. Harper.

Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP


Platelet Rich Plasma is the use of concentrated platelets from the patient’s own blood which is injected into the area of injury needing to be healed. The platelets contain or stimulate repair through up-regulation of growth factors necessary for repair and regeneration of tissues.  This becomes another method of enhancing regeneration and repair of injury sites.

Ozonated Clot Matrix – OCM

Following from the basic PRP- if a scaffolding is needed in order to rebuild a larger defect in the injured site- then calcium chloride is added to the harvested platelets in order to cause a clot to form a matrix for cells to build from. An enhancement of this procedure is to use the principles of Prolozone plus PRP – to infuse platelets, plus prolotherapy, plus micronutrients and repair factors and ozone – to literally jumpstart and maintain repair at the site of injury for several weeks.

Stem or Progenitor Cell Therapy

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that stimulate regrowth into the type of tissue that is selectively required for repair of damaged or injured cells. Thus one can regrow and regenerated nerve, muscle, tendon, ligament, cartilage, bone or organ tissue needed for repair. Various types of stem cells can be harvested and used – from embryonic placental cord tissue, bone marrow, or adipose (fat) tissues. Each type of harvesting and use has its merits and liabilities.

If stem cells are derived form your own tissues they are termed autologous and no antibody reactions should occur. The main thing to understand is that since stem cells are primitive and undifferentiated and therefore neutral, there is no antibody or allergy cross reaction possible with their use whether from your own tissue or proper embryonic source. However – if other types of tissue are in the mix of tissues given then it is possible to have immune cross reactivity. So the source and testing protocols should be done by a licensed reputable laboratory.

The second issue regarding stem cells is harvesting – bone marrow requires puncturing in the bone of hip crest or tibia, and adipose requires macerating and liquefying fat tissue usually from the abdomen. Each of these procedures has inherent risks from puncturing and creating of wounds with medically invasive procedures. (These protocols can be viewed on the internet – by googling – ‘prp’)

The third issue regarding autologous stem cells is one of tissue toxicity or quality control of what is being harvested and put back into the system. Recognized and measured controls for cell counts and toxicity should be done to the standard of tissue transplant (ie heart transplant tissue) by licensed laboratory facilities. These standards and batch references should be available for each tissue administered.

Note: Bone marrow or Adipose stem cell harvesting procedures are not currently authorized for use in British Columbia by Naturopathic physicians.

This primer hopefully gives you a progressive overview of the types of Regeneration Injection Therapy that are currently available at our clinic. These procedures are only done after a consultation, history, and examination – in order to determine the type of procedure that is most suitable for the type of injury and conditions of healing required for your situation.



Key Issues of Aging and Tissue Injury

Key issues of Aging and Tissue Injury.

When it comes to understanding aging processes and tissue injury and repair requirements there are key issues that need to be understood and addressed.

  1. Nutrient and Micronutrient Depletion/Dysfunction
  2. Hormonal Depletion/Dysfunction
  3. Mitochondrial Depletion/Dysfunction
  4. Accumulation of Waste Products – from your internal cellular metabolism and microbiome – and from external environmental factors
  5. Accumulation of Rigid Beliefs/Programming issues within your Brain and networking communication systems.

Nutrient Micronutrient Depletion:

One of the most common yet overlooked problems with regard to poor body tissue repair or functioning is simple depletion of micro-nutrients – such as vitamin, mineral, protein, or essential fatty acids.

In my clinical practice – I have developed as set of functional tests and challenges to specifically look for for vitamin, mineral, neurotransmitter, and hormone deficiencies/dysfunctions.

These functional nutrient endocrine tests are done routinely on every patient who is being treated. Over the years the most common thing found no matter what the patient’s presenting complaint – is an underlying nutrient deficiency state.  Yet most patients are unaware of the implications of these underlying deficiency states- that must be addressed if clinical results are going to be forthcoming and/or last long term.

Vitamins are labeled as co-enzymes and minerals as co-factors simply because they are both needed in order for enzymes to do the work of breaking down and building energy pathways and tissues in the body.

Amino acids (which make up our proteins) and fatty acids (which make up our cell membranes and energy stores are given the label – ‘essential’ – for the reason that they are essential to the chemistry of having our bodies run in an optimal functioning state.

In addition to regular issues of daily life –  when we are faced with increased levels of stress, injury, or illness – our bodies need for increased levels of energy and nutrients can increase by as much as 500% – in order to cope and then repair cellular networks.

Impaired nutrient uptake or dietary deficiencies can thus lead to depletion of either daily requirements or reserve/storage levels of these nutrient requirements which are vital to maintenance and repair of our cellular functioning.

In addition to these factors – as we age there is a natural decline of enzymes and repair processes in the body – so there is less efficient breakdown and assimilation of nutrients needed for maintenance and up-regulation of body function.

With these factors in mind – it should be self evident that stress, injury, and illness lead to premature breakdown and aging of body functions – and the obvious solution would be to address the deficiency by supplying the appropriate blend and the right level of micronutrients to restore optimal cellular functioning. However the issue is not always so simple – as there are other factors at play in the process.

The biggest know factors of premature aging are – insulin resistance/diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular problems such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes. Diet, lifestyle, and inflammatory processes within the body are all at the base of these conditions which are the major cause of death and dysfunction in our society.

One of the key issues that needs to be addressed is the over-consumption of carbohydrates and man-made nutrient deficient foods in our everyday diet.  The scientific evidence is pointing to the fact that ideally a good set of dietary and nutrient habits should be fostered in the womb from maternal nutrition, and then secondly in our early years of childhood- but this is becoming increasing not the norm – and declining health is now seen as a generational issue.

But more significantly – After the age of 40 – adult diet changes such as reducing carbohydrates – sugars and starches – and saturated and cooked fats is not really an option but a necessity if one is to start making healthy changes toward optimal aging.


Hormone Depletion:

Hormones are established from birth onwards – but secondary hormones that drive our systems for reproduction and give us our adult body characteristics – arrive at puberty and diminish with middle age and meno/andropause. Typically the levels of these hormones peak in our mid-20’s and early thirties and start to decline slowly from around the decade of the 40’s.

Depletion of certain hormones with meno/andropause results in weight gain and fat accumulation- diminished energy and drive- and all the signs of premature aging that we are aware of.

The laboratory practice of comparing hormone levels across the total age spectrum is erroneous – as your levels should be compared to your age group within the relative decade. Thus testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA etc levels of a 20 year old, a 40 year old, or a 60 year old person, should be assessed relative to the norms for their decade. At a minimum – after 40 years old – one should be striving to be at average or optimal levels – about 10 years younger than their chronological age for measured hormone production.

Furthermore – due to the well-known and documented side effects – one should not take hormones for replacement to try to unnaturally affect their system- ie trying to reach 20 year old levels when one is at 40 or 50 years of age.  Levels should try to be achieved that are commensurate with your optimal decade levels.

At Ocean Park Natural Therapies – I have developed testing methods incorporating autonomic response testing for hormone pathways to help determine if a person’s hormones are within normal functioning for metabolism and breakdown/utilization of individual and groups of hormones. If imbalances are detected then testing for appropriate correction utilizing nutraceuticals, drainage remedies, or bio-identical hormones are incorporated.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction/Depletion:

Mitochondrial function is a very important aspect of cellular health and your body’s energy production. Mitochondria are small organelle structures in your cells – that produce energy by burning medium chain triglycerides/fats. They are highly concentrated in the cells of high energy tissues such as muscles, heart, liver and kidneys.

We typically start off with highest levels of mitochondrial in our early childhood and there is a natural and progressive depletion of mitochondrial function with aging – that follows the decade diminishing progression similar to hormone functioning. However mitochondria can also be adversely affected in our early life by environmental and lifestyle factors such as infections, drug interactions, pollution with chemicals, heavy metals, and radiation exposure, poor diet, and stress. This has a strong correlation with early aging and poor energy function at any stage of life.

The use of vitamin-mineral supplementation, bio-identical hormone therapy, oxygen/ozone therapies, and exercise/fat burning/proper weight loss regimes are important methods of restoring and resolving mitochondrial dysfunction and lowered energy issues.

In order to determine the need for and the correct levels and application of these therapies – I have incorporated these therapies and assessments into the protocols I use at Ocean Park Natural Therapies.

Accumulation of Waste Products

No matter where or how we live it is an obvious fact that waste products accumulate in our inner and outer environment over time.

Our bodies have natural detoxification pathways and processes to address two types of waste matter – externally derived products and internally derived products. Much has been written about external – environmental pollution and toxicity – but less attention has been paid to internal pollution and toxicity.

Internal waste products that must be dealt with are derived from not only- our own cellular metabolism – but also the metabolism and accumulation of micro-organisms living within us – generally referred to as our microbiome.

There are trillions of these microbes within your system – potentially more than the total number of your own cells. These microbial cells all have metabolisms that use nutrients, make nutrients, and excrete these nutrients and waste products into our internal cellular environment.

Ours systems are generally adapted and designed to react – metabolize (use), catabolize (break down), excrete, defend against or store these products in our tissues. The simple fact is that over time there is an accumulation or excess of stored products that either need to be metabolized (ie fat stores), catabolized, or excreted from our body systems. If your body is lacking enzymes, co-factors, or co-enzymes (minerals and vitamins), or is compromised in other ways – with injury, infection, trauma, low energy – it is compromised in moving these accumulations from your system.

The net effect is the build up in your blood vessels (cardiovascular diseases – atherosclerosis, hypertension, stroke), liver, kidneys, brain, or soft tissues and joints – (fibromyalgia, arthritis).  All common conditions that affect our general population and us increasingly as we age.

Thus the often overlooked or ignored process to restoring proper function and improving the anti-aging aspects of our health system – is to simply begin a sustained program of drainage and detoxification of the metabolic wastes from our own metabolism – in order to break down the accumulated community of undesirable or over developing microbiome factors.

These factors are vital components to be assessed and addressed within the programs and treatment aspects of  Ocean Park Natural Therapies.

Rigidity of Operating and Belief Systems

Operating systems in our body have functions similar to operating systems in computers we use – to co-ordinate functioning of multiple and complex programs needed for ongoing feedback and survival in a complex world.

It is apparent from ongoing research on brain development and functioning – that we learn and develop in stages – each developmental stage having memories, imprints, and experiences that translate as values, beliefs, self-images, and virtual images of the world around and within us. These are the images, beliefs, values, and codes that we operate from at both conscious and unconscious levels of functioning.

Some of the most important of these imprinted programs have to do with survival issues – trauma (physical and emotional), abandonment, food, clothing, shelter, bonding/nurturing/intimacy – and anything that resembles or threatens these aspects of our survival.

When these imprints are acted upon in either a real or perceived manner – they quickly fire before we can consciously think – and we act reflexively without being exactly aware of why or how we did that. This can manifest as milder issues – called neuroses, or stronger issues such as phobias, or post-traumatic stress breakdowns.

We also have the ability to process and re-process the content of an imprinted experience – generally so we can modify, change, or augment their impact. However if the imprint is a very strong survival based emotionally charged incident it can store and re-process as a post-traumatic stress event that keeps playing in an activated manner like a looped recording through our nervous system.

There are a number of established and developing methods that are very effective at changing these imprints – and they follow certain principles that lead to their successful implementation/outcome.

These principles are generally the following – a relaxed then altered state of awareness to access the memory or imprint – locating it at the life or timeframe it was created, then bringing various elements into awareness to restructure , defrag, or up-grade the memory to a more adaptable/useful/flexible belief and behavior. Then forward projecting of  the changed functioning into our future perception and behavioral processes. Using these methods we are able to develop a better ability to survive, thrive, and connect socially within our inner and outer realities/worlds.


In order to properly address these issues, a comprehensive consultation and assessment is needed to establish the degree to which each of these 5 aspects are causative agents within your personal health system.  This is done with an initial consultation – then assessments involving autonomic response testing and appropriate lab or other tests to screen and verify therapeutic lines to follow. Reassessment is done on an ongoing basis in order to track improvements and chart course of action for successful resolution and enhanced functioning. By following this process – we are able to assist you to significantly alter and up-regulate your functioning with regards to tissue injury and aging.


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