Neural Therapy

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulates functions of all the systems in the human body.  However, its contribution to health has been vastly overlooked by modern healthcare.  There is one therapy that directly addresses the ANS.   It was discovered in early 20th century Germany by Drs Ferdinand and Walter Huneke (brothers).   Nerve cells, like most cells in the body, are electrochemical in nature; what the doctors discovered was that an exposure to an anesthetic (like procaine) allows cells to reestablish the correct electrical bioelectric charge resulting in return to normal function.

Oftentimes, a scar, from a surgery or trauma, can provoke a pain response that becomes chronic due to the nerve cells’ inability to manage its electrical charge.  A small injection of procaine into the scar tissue acts to relieve the pain, sometimes immediately.  The location of the pain, however, is not necessarily at the site of the scar.   The pain due to the scar can be far removed because the ANS stretches across the body and the perception can by far removed.  The pain may also be internally resulting in abdominal pain (IBS), migraines or menstrual pain.  As well, these ANS dysfunctions can also lead to emotional disturbances such as depression and lack of motivation.

Beyond scar treatments, neural therapy can also be applied to glands and organs because they are also regulated by the ANS.  Some specific conditions that are readily treated by neural therapy include hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, menstrual cramping, chronic swollen tonsils and adenoids, prostatitis and BPH, infertility, and others.

Neural therapy alone can work to resolve many conditions, especially if it is straightforward scar therapy.  Some situations require only one treatment and other times several are needed.  It is important though that a thorough history be taken to identify the source of the problem.   Typically neural therapy is used in conjunction with other supportive treatments.  There is usually a reason the nerves were unable to reestablish healthy function and it is in your best interest go through a thorough assessment using Autonomic Response or Laboratory testing.  Let the Naturopathic Doctors at Ocean Park Natural Therapies help you find the source of your chronic problem.