Laser Therapy

You may be a bit apprehensive when you are first offered Laser therapy – after all Lasers are used to burn things.  A short explanation will be useful to help you become more comfortable with the treatment.   There are different types of Laser’s used in healthcare – hot and cold.  As you can imagine, hot lasers are used for eye surgeries and other such treatments.  Cold lasers (also called low level laser therapy) are therapeutic for treating many types of pain including muscle spasms, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, wound healing, neck pain and others.  At Ocean Park Natural Therapies, we only use cold lasers.

Cold lasers work by controlling the wavelength of the light to a very specific wavelength.  At this wavelength, compounds (called chromophores) within the tissue absorb the photons (energy) and convert it into cellular fuel through a photochemical reaction.  This process can lead to rapid cell growth, faster wound healing, less inflammation, decreased scar formation, increased metabolism, better blood flow and improved nerve function.

At Ocean Park Natural Therapies, our naturopathic doctors use TheraLase TLC-1000 technology.  This equipment is specifically designed with a pulsed dual wavelength delivery system resulting in maximal effectiveness to stimulate the bodies’ healing processes.     Because the nature of the laser, this devise allows for a much deeper treatment – up to four inches into body.  Even with the best laser available, the process takes some time to complete.  Most patients will require a minimum of 3 treatments.

Whatever the source of your pain, come in for an assessment by one of our Naturopathic Physicians – we will promote your healing processes with the tools that we feel will best serve you.