Frequency Specific Microcurrent

The human body is an electric body.  All of the tissues, organs and cells operate only by moving ions and electrons to create ATP molecules.  ATP can be thought of as energy units for living systems.  Each organ and tissue has a SPECIFIC energy FREQUENCY where it resonates.  Despite all of the insults that we throw at and into our bodies, they function pretty well – most of the time.  When they don’t, however, sometimes it is useful to support the body by adding an extra boost to it.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) does just that – boosting the tissues of body back to a healthier state so the tissues can restore and rebuild.  FSM, by increasing ATP production, results in better cellular assembly, improved blood circulation and directed collagen production with improved elasticity results.

FSM has the capacity to reduce pain and swelling caused by inflammation.  Because of these basic effects, the possible injuries and dysfunctions which can be treated include all joint pain, back pain (disc injury, nerve entrapment, and vertebral facet pain), whip lash, concussions, digestive irregularities, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, gout, adrenal and thyroid disorders, cystitis, female reproductive concerns, prostate conditions, lung and bronchial problems, sinusitis and others.

The energy that is added to the system is very low – at a level the body already operates in so you won’t feel an electrical sensation during the treatment.  You may feel subtle shifts within your body as the tissues begin to reestablish normal physiological function.

Following treatment some patients feel a flare or slight worsening of their symptoms due to the bodies healing activities in the tissue and the removal of the waste that have been released.  This process usually recedes within 24 hours of the treatment and then you will begin to feel better.

The FSM treatments are effective because they can be individualized to each patient directly targeting his/her particular situation.  The objective is to re-establish a healthy resonance through the affected system.

A treatment can last from 30-90 minutes depending on the patient, how many tissue types are affected and how much dysfunction (inflammation, pain, spasms scars etc) are present.

FSM can be used alongside any other treatment to increase the rate of healing.  Several treatments are usually required to promote the complete spectrum of healing that is possible.

If necessary, Ocean Park Natural Therapies has a few take home FSM units that can be rented to decrease the number of clinic visits required.