• Why I practice A.R.T of Individualized Integrated Medicine | Natural Therapies #012

    September 21, 2014 | Podcasts | oceanparkadmin
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    Have you ever heard the term individualized integrated medicine? Are you aware of the benefits of holistic healing? If traditional medicine isn’t helping you stay well, then it may be time to consult a natural health practitioner.

    Integrated and personalized medicine is more than an alternative to traditional remedies. It reaffirms the relationship between patient and practitioner with the goal of optimal healing. Do you want to experience wellness at the highest level attainable for your health?

    If you’re interested in learning more about individualized integrated medicine in South Surrey, then invest 20 minutes for The Natural Therapies Show, where Eva Marienchild talks with Dr. Tim Brown, creator of Solving Your Health Puzzle with Integrated Medicine and owner of the SciMedica Health Group about this topic.

    A single health problem could involve multiple areas of the human body. That is why schools like George Washington University offer medical training that blends technological advances with the benefit of the human touch. This interview informs you about this type of center in South Surrey.

    Breaking Down the A.R.T. of Individualized Medicine

    Eva kicks off the episode by asking Dr. Brown to break down the A.R.T. of individualized medicine and explain to listeners the meaning behind this clever acronym.

    Then Dr. Brown weighs what he refers to as cookie cutter medicine against individualized plans, and describes how the diagnosis and treatment work for each type.

    If you’re unsatisfied with the results of traditional medicine, then it may be time to seek the advice of a natural health professional in the South Surrey area.

    How A.R.T. Benefits a Clinical Medical Practice

    Next Dr. Brown segues into how A.R.T. benefits a clinical practice. He also answers these questions as Eva interviews him about the topic:

    • How does A.R.T. benefit patients in a natural medicine practice?
    • Is there anything that should concern me regarding A.R.T.?
    • What types of medical issues does A.R.T. help with the most?

    Now ask yourself these two questions: Do I frequently seek traditional medicines for repeating health issues? Do I want to enjoy a better level of wellness? If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, then it’s time to consider individualized integrated medicine in South Surrey.

    What You Need to Know About A.R.T. and Individual Medicine

    Then Dr. Brown talks about what listeners should know about A.R.T. testing when it comes to individualized integrated medicine.

    Dr. Brown also goes over what individualized integrated medicine is based on so that listeners have a clear understanding of how it compares to traditional types of medicine and healing.

    Regardless of the type of illness you have, you can benefit from visiting a natural health practitioner in South Surrey. What’s keeping you from scheduling a consultation?

    Dr. Brown wraps up the interview by sharing his final thoughts and insights regarding the topic of individualized integrated medicine.

    Are You Ready for an Individual Approach to Your Health?

    Do you want to learn how individualized integrated medicine in South Surrey could improve your health? After you listen to this episode, if you have questions or comments about this topic then please submit them below. We look forward to discussing your feedback.

    The naturopathic doctors at Ocean Park Natural Therapies now serve patients under the new name of the SciMedica Health Group. They still help locals from all over the Semiahmoo Peninsula including Metro Vancouver, White Rock, South Surrey, and beyond. What health problem could they help you solve today?

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