Pain/Injury Management

We have all experienced pain at some point during our life.  But there are some people for whom pain is a daily burden.  If you are one of these unfortunate people, Dr. Brown, ND has extensive experience in assessing and treating pain conditions.  It doesn’t matter if your pain is from joints, muscles, nerves, organs, emotional trauma or even an unknown origin there is a almost always something that can be done to decrease or remove the pain.

He has the knowledge, skill and experience to treat most pain.  When you come to Ocean Park Natural Therapies you will get a full assessment that can uncover previously overlooked or misunderstood aspects contributing to your problem.

We focus on individualized, restorative medicine using integrated assessment and treatment tools.

Following your assessment, you will be told what recommendations for treatment are recommended based on Dr. Brown’s 35+ years of experience. He will try to help you to understand how and why you might need certain treatments and how you can help yourself to develop and maintain a healthier body function.

At Ocean Park Natural Therapies we can treat you for many types of pain…

  • Headaches
  • Spinal related pain
  • Joint and Extremity injuries
  • Trauma related pain
  • Neuropathic (Nerve generated) pain
  • Fibromyalgia syndrome
  • Abdominal pain
  • Arthritic pain (Osteo and Rheumatoid)


On selective Thursday evenings we offer free Chat Sessions with the Doctor where you can ask questions about specific topics/concerns –  call us today so we can help you.