Human history contains many generations of living on a pristine self-cleaning planet.  Over the past handful of generations we have managed to overwhelm not only our own but the planet’s ability to self-clean.  We now have to survive in a habitat that contains chemicals and toxins from industry, and pollution at levels that we don’t have the inherent capacity to efficiently  break down and excrete.  This means that we are storing and functioning with high levels of toxic residues in our bodies.  Much of this toxicity stores as fat soluble toxins in our brain and nervous systems. These chemicals come from almost all our interactions with the modern world including:

  • Exhaust in the air
  • Pesticides and herbicides on our fruits and vegetables
  • Hormones and antibiotics in our meat, eggs and dairy products
  • Preservatives, colorings and processing agents in the food supply
  • Hydrocarbons, formaldehydes in cosmetics and perfumes
  • Endocrine disruptors in plastics
  • Pharmaceuticals and excipients in prescription drugs
  • Heavy metals from our teeth, the industrial atmosphere, building materials, fungicides and industrial run off
  • Micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria,  mycobacteria, and parasites in our microbiom.
  • These internal and external toxins continue to evolve at a rapid pace and challenge our immune response to keep up.

Modern medicine does not seem to be as aware as Naturopathic physicians of the health impact that drugs and these other toxin exposures represent in our day to day life.

We are taught that it is best to address these chemicals several times a year with a thorough detoxification.  This is a short period of time (from a week to a month) where we allow our over-stressed liver, spleen, digestive tract and kidneys to rejuvenate by drainage and detoxification protocols.

At Ocean Park Natural Therapies, we use drainage therapy extensively when treating patients.  Drainage therapy is treatment using specially selected liquid remedies and therapies that are targeted at removing chemicals, toxins and other residue from the matrix between the cells.  Alone or with associated treatments the goal is to relieve the stress on the tissues and organs to allow them to regain a healthy functional state.

It is much easier on your body if you detoxify before disease develops.  When the body has excessive interference from toxins, it is sometimes necessary to boost the performance of its depleted elimination systems by supporting them with infusions of relatively high levels of vitamins and minerals  such as with a Meyer’s cocktail or Jumpstart infusion.  These infusions replenish your body’s systems rapidly so they have a chance to return to health quickly.  An oral or intravenous “chelation” program may be necessary if the toxins are primarily from heavy metals.

You may not know the type or source of your toxins but, with the appropriate testing, we can help determine what the type of burden is occuring and come up with an optimal treatment program.