What to expect

Your first visit to Ocean Park Natural Therapies may be a bit different than what you have experienced in previous medical appointments. 

When you come in, we will of course start with your primary concerns, and gather a written overview and health history – then we will sit down and ask questions to discuss your health related concerns.  We are interested in all of the illnesses, injuries, activities, surgeries, infections and health stresses you have experienced – often including your family of origin and developmental stages.

You may be surprised at the details that we take interest in – but a complete picture of what your system has experienced and imprinted-  is necessary in order to best address the causal chains leading to your particular health challenge.

If the intake and health history is not too complex – we will often also be able to do a quick screening using Autonomic Response Testing (ART) in order to assess your responsiveness and introduce you to its procedure.

Autonomic testing allows us to begin to understand more clearly where your body’s challenges lie and how to address them more quickly than is otherwise possible.  In this way, each patient receives individualized care.   Using ART, we can often identify the source(s) of a current dysfunction – be it a deficiency, a toxicity, structural blockage or an inability to integrate information processing – much like a defective computer operating system and programs.  Any of these things can happen at several different levels: locally, regionally, systemically or multi-systemically.  ART greatly improves our ability to find and locate answers to seemingly complex problems.

Once we have a general understanding of how to begin the process of moving you along your road to health, we will sit down with you and layout the approach that we will be taking so you can take an active role in helping yourself.  It is not always possible to know how quickly and efficiently your body will respond to treatment but we will let you know what we have seen in others and the timeline that our experience tells us is reasonable to start seeing improvements. Follow up assessment and treatments needed will generally be outlined so we both have an idea of relative cost in terms of time, energy, and money.

The Integrated Medicine Model at Ocean Park Natural Therapies: as conceived of and developed by Dr. T. Brown, ND is a pictorial map of interrelated components work together to create or interfere with good health. We all experience symptoms or dysfunction if one or more pieces of this health puzzle are missing or dysfunctional.

There are six zones of functioning within this Health Puzzle:

Zone 1- Health and Harmony on all Levels
This exists when harmonious interactions occur between all aspects of the human experience. No treatment is necessary. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is crucial to remain in this zone.

Zone 2 – Dys-Integration – “Conflicts of Operating System or Programs”
Spiritual, psychological, emotional or physical obstacles interfere with harmonious interactions among the systems of the body. These obstacles can be removed by replacing disruptive configurations with more positive energy.

Zone 3 – Toxicity – “Too much of something accumulating in the Body”
An accumulation of toxins, drugs, chemicals, heavy metals and environmental pollutants in your body interferes with healthy bodily function. These toxins can be removed using treatments and remedies that facilitate draining, detoxification and elimination.

Zone 4 – Structural Interference – “Structure determines function.”
A disruption of normal cranial, spinal, soft tissues and extremity function begins to interfere with nerve regulation channels, energy flow, and circulation. Structural integration can be restored using techniques like acupuncture, prolotherapy, massage and joint and soft tissue manipulation.

Zone 5 – Deficiency – “Lacking something the body needs to function optimally.”
Like a car without gas, oil or transmission fluid, your body simply won’t work without the nutrients that are necessary for life.

These include water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibers and enzymes in the right form and right ratios- in order to make energy, communicate information, respond to immune challenges, rebuild, repair and maintain proper functioning.

A healthy balanced diet is essential to reverse and prevent deficiencies – and oral or other supplementation may be necessary in order to jump start the repair/maintenance in your body.

Underlying digestive problems must be identified and corrected to ensure proper absorption and incorporation of whole food.

Zone 6 – Pathology – “Change of cell structure and function”.

Pathology is breakdown of cell structures and functions – and is usually assessed by medical assessment protocols – ie lab, imaging with xray, ultrasound, MRI, tissue biopsy, etc. This zone is the main area where medical interventions are needed in conjunction with Naturopathic medicine and other natural health care professions’ strategies.

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